First look at ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Soundtrack

By now I think you’ve all seen the trailers, so you might have have heard little bits of the soundtrack. That is, if you weren’t completely taken in by the magic (literally) and action of the film.

If you aren’t sure you remember the little snippets, you can always rewatch the trailers.

James Newton Howard is the composer for the film and you’re probably familiar with his work. He’s worked on  The Hunger Games franchise, The Dark Knight, Snow White and the Huntsman and Pretty Woman.

Fantastic Beasts comes out November 18th but the soundtrack is now available for preorder at Amazon and iTunes.

The soundtrack has 72 minutes of new music but the deluxe edition is almost 100 minutes long with 26 songs.

The soundtrack list can be found at Pottermore, and in my opinion, these have been helpful in piecing together the plot (shhh…)

We are delighted to be able to give you another sneak peek at the film and hope you’ll find that it begins on a familiar note but descends into the essence of what Fantastic Beasts is all about. Take a listen.


Source: Pottermore


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