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MTV Releases First Eight Minutes of ‘Teen Wolf’ Premier

MTV Releases First Eight Minutes of Teen Wolf Premier


MTV has released the first eight minutes of the season 6 premier of Teen Wolf. We start out with Liam and Hayden on a failed date as they are stranded with a flat tire. Suddenly, a driver-less car rolls up to them. They find a young boy inside, saying that they took his parents, but he doesn’t remember how it happened. Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles tried to stop a robbery, but their intervention wasn’t really necessary. The two boys then contemplate just how much Beacon Hills needs them. Scott points out that they are all about to go off to college, so the town will have to learn how to survive without them. But then Stiles phone rings and they head to the station.

Scott uses his new mind reading powers to access the memories of the boy that Liam and Hayden found. He sees the family driving down the road when they are attacked by a man in black riding a horse. He smashes the windshield, dragging the father out of the car. He then removes the car door and snatches the boy’s mother. That’s all that Scott is able to see. The boy then says, “He’ll come back for me.”

We get a look at the main villain of the season and just how powerful he is. What I thought was interesting is that despite the car being destroyed by the man in black, when Liam and Hayden come across it, there wasn’t any damage. He completely destroyed the windshield, yet later, it’s in one piece. Creepy. It was revealed that the villain steals memories and wipes people from existence, so maybe part of that is reversing the circumstances in which the people are taken.

The final season of Teen Wolf airs Tuesday, November 15, on MTV.

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