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‘Who’ Invades NYCC With Christmas Special Teaser

Doctor Who fans have been starved waiting for information about the forthcoming series, set to debut sometime in April 2017. The upcoming series will be showrunner Steven Moffat’s grand hoorah, leading into forthcoming writer/producer Chris Chibnall’s introductory series in early 2018. (At least fans hope the wait won’t be too much longer than that.) Up to this point in 2016, however, news has been very quiet on what to expect from the new series. Filming is underway in Cardiff as we speak with Pearl Mackie as the new companion but production has been keenly tight-lipped.

That is, until today. Within the last half hour, the first footage from the 2016 Christmas special, titled The Return Of Doctor Mysterio, debuted in front of audiences at New York Comic Con at the Doctor Who panel. More information will come from the panel but, for this, this behind-the-scenes teaser is all we need. Without further interruption, here it is Whovians – our first look at new Who in almost a year.


The Return Of Doctor Mysterio stars Peter Capaldi,l Matt Lucas, and Justin Chatwin as super hero Captain Mysterio. The special will debut on BBC One and BBC America on Christmas day. Stay tuned to Fan Fest for more news as the day progresses.

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