Star Wars: Complete Locations – Review

One of the most interesting parts of the Star Wars saga is the locations that we see in the galaxy far, far away. The movies show us the locations to an extent; however, it is all about moving the story along. While the movies can only show us the locations as they relate to the story, I know I always wanted to know more about the locations within the story. Now, we can with the latest Star Wars book from DK publishing: “Star Wars: Complete Locations.” Divided up into the seven films, we are shown in detail the various worlds and locations that each movie shows us. For example, while I am not usually interested in details of the Theed Hanger from The Phantom Menace, the detail and information is both overwhelming but interesting.

The information and artwork inside makes this book an essential book for your Star Wars book collection. Available now at all online and book retailers.

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