Grumpy Cat Joins The Cast of CATS For Her Broadway Debut

Friday night saw the one-night-only stage debut of the world famous Grumpy Cat in New York City’s Neil Simon Theatre, with the cast of CATS.



Old Deuteronomy, actor Quentin Earl Darrington introduced Grumpy Cat to the audience following the performance.

“You’ve heard of several different kinds of cat — practical cats, dramatical cats, pragmatical cats, fanatical cats, to name a few. But, there’s one more cat that you have yet to meet,” he said. “Now, before we crawl off into the alley and carry on with the rest of our evening, we would like to introduce to you a very special cat…a Grumpy Cat.”



“Being selected as the first real cat to perform in Cats on Broadway was an honor. I hated it,” a statement from Grumpy Cat read. “If I’m really being honest, I would have preferred to play the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera.”


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