‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ Preview ‘Chapter 4’


It’s getting real on AHS next week! From the episode’s preview, it looks like the Forest Cult, as I’ve fondly nicknamed it, is closing in on Shelby and Matt. With Lee’s arrest in the previous episode, Matt and Shelby are weaker and fewer in number than they once were. But luckily for them, Cricket returns to guide them once again.

“I told The Butcher you’d leave and you sure as hell didn’t!” he says to the couple, who look as though they’ve had the scare of their lives.

Let’s not forget about Matt’s indiscretion with Lady Gaga in the woods–Shelby certainly hasn’t. As long as Shelby and Matt are kept in the dark about what really happened, I think we’ll see the cracks in their marriage truly take shape.

At another point in the preview, we see one of The Butcher’s people carving the word ‘Croatoan’ into a tree. And a moment later, Shelby screams this same word out to someone.

But what does ‘Croatoan’ mean? If you haven’t kept pace with AHS over the seasons, here’s the story: ‘Croatoan’ was explained to us way back in season one…by Sarah Paulson’s psychic character Billie Dean. The word was used used to banish evil spirits in the colony of Roanoke.

Even so, it doesn’t seem like the ‘Croatoan’ curse worked, does it? Evil-doing spirits are everywhere and I think Shelby and Matt are in for a rude awakening.

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