‘Throwback Thursday’: ‘Last Action Hero’ (1993)

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Thursday has fallen upon us once again, my friends! That means it is time for another ‘Throwback: Thursday’. I’ve seen about 500 Arnold Schwarzenegger memes appearing over social media ALOT the past few days… mostly because people are creating memes about him running for President. Well, obviously Arnold won’t be running for President… but there is one thing he definitely runs for; rescuing people from bad guys! This is why I wanted to bring up this gem from the past!


Last Action Hero is a 1993 American comic fantasy action film, that contains several parodies of action films in the form of films within the movie itself.

The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Jack Slater, a fictional Los Angeles police detective. Slater is a fictional character even within the film, the hero of the Jack Slater series of action films. Austin O’Brien co-stars as a boy who is magically transported into a parallel universe by a magical movie ticket, one inhabited by Slater and the other characters in the Slater film series. Charles Dance also played an assassin who escapes from the movie world into the real world.

Check out the original trailer for the movie below:



Who else remembers this movie??

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