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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Military Miniaturization’


The Air Force contacted Howard about their guidance system. If the military takes their project, they can’t sell it commercially and it could be used in war.

Sheldon is excited at this prospect. The rest, not so much.

Bernadette gets a congratulatory text on her pregnancy from someone at work. She is freaking out. She is eligible to join a study and thinks that if they know she’s pregnant, they might give it to someone else… She even had a plan.

It was Penny.

The next day at work, Penny tells Bernadette and apologies. Bernadette kicks her out.

Howard wants to consult a lawyer, so he calls his cousin Marty. Marty gives his advice and Sheldon yells at him. Sheldon wants to represent them… Oh goody.

Leonard tells Sheldon not to talk as Colonel Williams walks in for their meeting.

Colonel Williams is an engineer from MIT and that he’s interested in their project but it needs to be smaller. Sheldon can’t hold his tongue any longer and takes over the meeting. Now they have two months to complete this ridiculous task.

Amy comes to comfort Bernadette and it doesn’t go to well.

Bernadette goes to see Penny. She forgives Penny and says if she doesn’t get the job, she’ll sue.

“I learned a long time ago that when you’re four foot eleven and eye level with everyone’s crotch, that’s where you punch.” – Bernadette.

Howard, Leonard and Sheldon go to the classified headquarters and immediately find an eye scanner and start playing with it.

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