‘Gotham’ Recap ‘Mad City: Burn the Witch”

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This season just gets better and better.  My prediction of Ivy from last week was spot on.  She is awesome in this episode.  Lets get into it.  We open up with Bruce at the Court of Owls.  Bruce looks shocked and confused at first, so the woman at the head of the table removes her mask to make him more comfortable.  He recognizes her from seeing her around Wayne Enterprises. Her name is Kathrine and not stupid though and knows that Bruce has been studying them.  After having a discussion about what Bruce has found out about the organization, Kathrine knows Bruce is there to make a deal.  He wants to give over Wayne Enterprises in full.  If Bruce dies, the federal government would go through every file and potential exposed the Court of Owls.  For Kathrine to agree on this deal,  Bruce needs to give up on any research of them and his parents murder.  He agrees

We see Valerie once again bothering Jim at his apartment.  She knocks on him about how his place looks, and then offers Fish Mooney. Valerie just wants a story out of this, and it shocks Gordon.  Jim asks her “why give me a million dollars?” She replies “I’m a bigger person and cause I couldn’t find her.”  After finding out that Selina was Valerie’s source, they head to the club to get some information and the whereabouts of Fish. Barbra is a little shocked that Jim has walked in.  Of course they had to have their little ex’s talk.  In order for Jim to get the information that he is looking for, Barbra proposes a kiss.  He stands there for a minute, and then turns around  saying “never mind.”  Even though Jim does not kiss her, she gives him the place where Selina is hiding out and tells him about a dream she has.  As they walk out, we pan in on an evil smile that Barbra has.  Once to the car, Valerie ditches Jim trying to get back at him for handcuffing her to her own car.

A girl is washed up on shore, it appears to be Ivy……and older Ivy.  As she wakes, she gets up and looks in a mirror of a truck to be completely startled by how she looks.  A guy appears and asks if she is okay and offers to take her to his place so they can grab something to drink.  After asking her name is says “My name’s Ivy.”  Totally called this one.


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GCPD rolls up to the bank that Valerie told them where they could find Fish Mooney.   Harvey leads them in telling them to be careful.  There stands Fish and her crew of monsters.  They attack the police officers who begin to fire their guns at them.  We see a girl who has electricity coming from her body and a guy who can burn someone alive just by touching them.

Penguin is holding a press conference about how he has warned the GCPD about Fish Mooney and no one wants to listen.  He lets people know that they are not victims, but monsters.  He then asks “who’s with me?”  The crowd begins to cheer knowing they get to kill the monsters.  I’m liking Penguin more and more each week.

Jim reaches the GCPD looking for Harvey but he has not returned yet.  Of course Valerie is at the station and wants to call it even.  Lucius walks by and Jim follows him into a room where they have Peabody’s body.  They both realize that Fish is trying to get to Strange.

Harvey gets taken by Fish’s monsters into a Van.  Fish wants Harvey to help her find Strange, and he knows just where they put him.  Fish kisses him in order to mind control him.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX


Back at the truck drivers house, Ivy and him enter.  She just wants a glass of water.  While he is grabbing her a glass, she sees all of the plants that he does not take care of.  With what she has left in the glass, she pours it in the pot to water the plant.  While talking the man calls her beautiful, to which Ivy seems a little confused.  She begins to tell him her story.  The man throws out the plant she is touching.  Ivy is not happy about this.

Jim and Fox are pleading their case to the Captain so he will tell them where they are keeping Strange.  He knows exactly where he is, but wont tell them, he’d rather just take them there.

The black van that hold Harvey, Fish, and her monsters pulls up to the mansion that Strange is at.  Harvey goes up to talk to the security when a monster shows up and kinda does a Flash speed thing.  She kills the security officers and they make their way into the mansion finding Strange.  Strange has a shocked look on his face that he was even found.  “We have some unfinished business,” Mooney says.

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Image: FOX


Strange is amazed that Fish is alive, but saddened once he finds out she is dying.  Fish tells him “You’re going to fix me daddy, and when that’s done, you’re going to make me an army.”  He tells her that he can not fix her.  A monster comes in to warn Fish of the cops showing up.  Captain receives a call from Harvey.  On the other end though is Fish.  If a cop goes within 20 of the mansion she threatens to kill Harvey.  The press shows up and police officers now have to keep them back.

Penguin is way to happy to know she is cornered like a rat.  “Gotham listens to me.  It’s time to round up our friend’s.”

Strange continues to tell Fish that he can not fix her.  She refuses to accept this as an answer.  Fish threatens Strange and is interrupted yet again, this time by Penguin and his mob coming to the mansion.  While Penguin is making a scene with his mob, Jim sneaks away to a side entrance and breaks in.  He is caught by Mooney’s monsters, surprise there.


Image: FOX
Image: FOX


The mob continues to get louder and louder.  Inside, Jim makes Fish a deal, Harvey for her freedom.  She adds Strange to her end of the deal and Jim agrees.  Outside, Penguin takes a phone call from Jim.  In order for Penguin to get away, he makes sure the mob breaks in, while Fish and her crew head out to the woods.  Penguin’s mob fight the monsters that where in the mansion.

In the woods, Penguin holds Fish at gun point.


“Don’t call me that, my name is Penguin”

He tells her how long he has waited for the moment.  All he wants to know before he kills her, is why she never killed him.  She tells him that he was hers.  Fish has made Oswald into the Penguin.  It all  sets in and he tells them goodbye and to not come back.


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Image: FOX


Outside the mansion, Penguin’s mob has a fire going to burn the monsters bodies of which they have killed.  Penguin shows back up and they lift him up praising him for killing Fish.  Jim knows that he has not done this.

Back at the tuck drivers house we see Ivy coming down the steps in red stilettos and a green dress, looking stunning.  She says to him remember to water, as we see his dead body on the floor.

At the Wayne manor Bruce and Alfred are discussing what Bruce plans to do in his free time.  While they are having a laugh they hear glass break and the alarm sound.  The person who appears is Bruce’s look alike.  Both Alfred and Bruce can not believe their eyes.

Valerie shows up at Jim’s apartment again.  Guess she can’t get enough of his place.  She know exactly what happened and how Jim got away unharmed.  Val knows that Fish is not dead.  Jim and Valerie embrace in a kiss as we cut right to Lee exiting a train.

Image: FOX
Image: FOX


WOW! So action packed this week.  I have to say, I hope we never see Fish again, but I’m sure that is not the case.  I’m wondering what Selina is going to think when she sees Ivy.  I was not expecting the Bruce look a like to go find the real Bruce.  What is going to happen there?  And Lee, why is she back?  Next week looks amazing.  I am so excited to watch it.  Includes one of my favorite Gotham villains.  What are your thoughts on this weeks episode? What do you think is to come for our characters?

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