Ryan Reynolds Shares Pikachu & Deadpool Mashup

Ryan Reynolds is known to share awesome things (remember the Nathan Fillion mug, which was an epic story). But also his responses on some very vulgar Tweets of his fans on Twitter, makes everyone laugh. It’s something you want to look away from, but keep reading anyway!


Just like always, he shared something for the world to see and thanked the one that made. It got a HUGE response with over 25 000 RT’s and over 66 000 likes! Take a look:


Pikachu in a Deadpool costume. Isn’t this just too awesome? The name of this artist is called Ramtraz and you really should look on his Facebook page. He has such amazing art and I thank Ryan Reynolds for sharing this awesome Pikachu.


Go to Ramtraz his Facebook and take a look, you won’t be disappointed!



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