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Former Child Star Billy Gilman Auditions for ‘The Voice’

Do you remember Billy Gilman? If not so let me remind you.

Billy Gilman became a star and Grammy nominated country artist at the age of 11 when he released One Voice in 2000. Last night he came back in the strongest way possible and had one of the best blind auditions of the night when he sang When We Were Young by Adele for the 4 coaches. Billy got 4 chairs to turn and I won’t spoil who he picks as his coach but you’ll be happy with the result. Billy is currently #19 on iTunes with his audition and that is AMAZING considering blind auditions usually never make it into the top 100 on iTunes. Once the show goes live the songs reach #1 and I have no doubt in my mind Billy will get that #1. Check out Billy Gilman’s AMAZING blind audition below! And keep watching The Voice Monday’s and Tuesday’s at 8 on NBC.

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