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Recap of ‘Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer’


While Lucifer deals with mommy issues, Chloe investigates the death of a teen starlet. Maze struggles to find her place in the world and Amenadiel reels from some disturbing new problems with his powers.

The second season premiere of Lucifer hit the ground running and never looked back. Each of the main characters has a story arc this season, yet they were all given equal time to develop and no single story seemed to eclipse the others in importance. Add in the introduction of a few new characters, and the second season seems to be well on its way to laying the proper groundwork to support the series for seasons to come.

By the end of the hour viewers were left with more questions than answers. One thing’s certain – it looks like we’re in for a devilishly good time this season.

Parting thoughts:

  • Will Lucifer be able to trust his mother or is she playing him? Tom Ellis’ performance was superb: equal parts vulnerability, bewilderment, and anguish at the betrayal Lucifer felt by his mother combined with the arrogant yet charismatic sense of fun (and desire to dole out punishment) that we’ve all come to know and love. (Side note: his rendition of “All Along the Watchtower” was excellent as well.)
  • I like the idea of Maze and Dr. Martin developing a friendship. I hope we get to see more of these two ladies onscreen together in future episodes. Who is Maze outside of her relationship with Lucifer? How will that affect her friendship with Dr. Martin?
  • What’s going on with Amenadiel? Are the problems with his powers a result of the wound he suffered at Malcolm’s hands or is it related to his mother’s return? Or is it something else entirely?
  • Will Chloe eventually test the vial of Lucifer’s blood or will she let it go? It surprised me to hear her admit Lucifer made her a better detective.
  • Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) I loved her reaction to meeting Lucifer. She seems to be an interesting new addition to the cast, and a possible friend for Chloe. I just hope she’s given her own personality and chance to shine. It’ll be interesting to learn more about her backstory.
  • Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) Can Lucifer trust her? How will Amenadiel deal with his mother’s return? I’m reserving judgment on her for now. Hopefully we’ll get a better feel for her in two weeks when the series returns.

Lucifer airs Monday nights at 9/8 CST on FOX.

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