Fan Fest EXCLUSIVE: Jordan Woods-Robinson Debuts Moving Tribute To Pulse Nightclub Victims With New Single “Pawn”


After what was an incredible weekend here at Fan Fest Orlando, it only seems fitting that Jordan Woods-Robinson (Eric, AMC’s The Walking Dead) release a brand new single titled ‘Pawn,’ which acts as a tribute to the tragedy at Pulse Nightclub nearly 100 days ago.

Jordan has one of the biggest hearts of any human I’ve ever met; and, it really shows here with this raw and honest song that is extremely well produced and delicately written. This just goes to show the true talent behind this individual, and increases my excitement for the release of Jordan’s new album ‘Anthem,’ which releases October 28th, 2016.

Jordan sent over a short piece about what this song truly means to him, and where the idea initially came from for the concept of ‘Pawn:’

At first, the Pulse nightclub shooting didn’t feel real. I live in Orlando but I was away that Saturday night at a wedding in Miami, so there was a level of disconnect I was afforded. But as I started to process the events over the next 24 hours and see other members in my community affected by the events, my grieving process took me through fear, anger, confusion, compassion, and disparity.

Unfortunately, the idea that a person may choose to kill another person in order to gain control of something or to raise awareness of an agenda has always been a part of being human. In humanity, war is a definite. But with the age of constant news coverage, immediate social media sharing, and individuals addicted to their devices, there is a new side effect that allows any would-be shooter the ability to be immediately plastered all over TVs and phones. The story of “Pawn” is a game in which people don’t need to know WHO they’re killing or even have a strong reason, just as long as they hear their name on TV and get to be King for a day.

The lyrics that start the song say “There is a pattern; it’s starting over again.” I wanted everything to be very familiar and allow the listener to enter into a trance-like state where they could feel safe to really listen and reflect. To tell this story, all instruments and vocals except for the main vocals are a series of 16-bar loops that build on one another to create the song. The amazing efforts of Colin Robinson (mixer) and David Traver, Julie Woods-Robinson, and Mike Maegalhaes really brought this song to life.

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