MAC Cosmetics Releases ‘Star Trek’ Inspired Line of Makeup

M·A·C introduced a very colorful star fleet today! This fleet, though, is perfect for the makeup loving nerd.

M·A·C teamed up with makeup guru and youtube ChrisspyMakeup to create looks in a series of videos inspired by our fav women of Star Trek-Vina, Deanna Troi, Seven of Nine, Uhura.

The collection launched with the spirit of Star Trek in mind, these words typed across their homepage:

“Spanning half a century, Star Trek and its loyal fans cross decades, influencing ideas and aesthetics of gender, race and intergalactic potential. As the sci-fi saga continues, delight in the beauty of exploration as M·A·C and Star Trek’s latest cinema generation joins forces in an exclusive makeup collaboration of astral hues. The cosmic women of Star Trek not only made the series immortal, their powerful sense of style sent space-age fashion to a new frontier.”

You can by products from the line now here, or in stores next week.

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