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‘Gotham’: Behind The Scenes Look of Mad Hatter’s Lair

Comicbook.Com didn’t only get a look at the set for Gotham’s Sirens, they also got a first look at the Mad Hatters Lair. As we know Benedict Samuel will be Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter for this season of Gotham. Take a look at his place!


Not only has this a Wonderland vibe, it also has this tea party vibe too it that I sure love! Apparently last season there was a hint that the Mad Hatter would come around when Hugo Strange was holding a copy of Alice Through the Looking glass. I never really realized it, but I’m sure when I’ll do a marathon I’ll take a closer look to what he’ll be holding.


Gotham: Heroes Will Fall will come back on September 19, on Fox!



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