The ‘Arrival’ Trailer Has Landed – Will You Venture Out to See It?

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

I love a good sci-fi movie, and even though we’ve seen a slew of them over the last ten years, only a few stick out as memorable. The latest alien-invasion concept to hit theaters is ‘Arrival’. Starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forrest Whitaker, ‘Arrival’ tells the story of a linguistics expert, Dr. Louise Banks (Adams) who is recruited by the army to help determine whether the aliens that invaded Earth are friendly or not.


There are a lot of elements in this trailer that I think stand out to make this a very solid choice. I love the design of the ships, very different from what we normally see on television and in films. The idea of communicating with visitors from another world is something that is touched upon in past movies, but never have I seen it fleshed out in this way before.


I would easily place ‘Arrival’ at the top of my ‘Must See List’. Take a peek, and let us know if this is one you will be visiting in the theaters!



‘Arrival’ lands in theaters on November 11, 2016.

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