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Fans Ask Andrew Lincoln About ‘Walking Dead’ When He Goes Through Customs

Andrew Lincoln talked with Entertainment Weekly today, and it seems that he experiences the same amount of craze surrounding cliffhangers as we do.

This one has perhaps been one of the show’s biggest. New villain Negan has brutally bashed the head of one of our favorite characters, and it could be any of them.


Lincoln expressed his delight that people are still talking about the cliffhanger, months later.

“We love the fans. I love the fact that everybody is so engaged with it and so opinionated about it. I think it’s a great energy that we feed off. I mean, obviously we don’t want a divided reaction every time we do something as a season finale because then we’d start to be concerned, but we value and respect everybody’s opinion because without it we wouldn’t be here.” Andy told EW.

He went into detail about his experiences going out in public and constantly being asked about the show. Instead of letting it annoy him, he chalks it up to the show simply making fans crazy, and keeping them interested.

“Every time I leave my house. Every time I go through customs. Every time they are checking my belt going through the security, everybody’s going, “Please tell me. Just tell me. Just whisper, who is it? Is it you? Why are you in England at the moment? What are you doing here? Why are you not working or filming?” and all of that. It’s hilarious. Absolutely insane. So, part of me just goes, well, it’s people talking for a considerable amount of time. Whether you love it or hate it, it has kept people talking.”

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