Harley Quinn Rebirth #1 Comic Review

Finally, my list of pre-ordered comics. Just 3 of them, but that doesn’t matter, there is more where that came from for this month!

Today when I got my comics, I immediately went for the Rebirth Harley Quinn one.

WARNING: What I have here are spoilers from the comic itself. If you still want to read it, I advise to buy it on the Archonia website and then read and discuss with us.

First of all, lets take a moment to love, love and LOVE the cover some more! This piece of work is made by the artists Amanda Conner and Alex Sinclair.

In this comic we see a Harley fighting an army of zombies. These zombies are actually people that get zombified by a hot dog (more on that in the comic itself). It seems like a scene from out of The Walking Dead, and I totally love it!

Take a look at the amazing artwork, which is done by Chad Hardin and the coloring by Alex Sinclair.

We see another side of Harley, one where she has friends she can look after and that will do the same for her. There is also a small appearance of poison Ivy (which did make me excited as hell).

I do not want to ruin it all, all I can say is that I truly liked this comic and I can’t wait for the next edition that will come out. For now, we have The Suicide Squad Rebirth that will launch into a complete series of comics. Bring it on!

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