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Meet Preacher’s Season 2 Villain

© Blastr
© Blastr
© Blastr

The Saint of Killers won’t be the only one Jesse Custer will have to watch out for next season.

According to Blastr, the next season of Preacher will introduce Herr Starr, the second-in-command and Sacred Executioner for The Grail, an organization that controls the world’s governments and protects Jesus Christ’s bloodline. With his entrance, audiences will also meet the men who murdered Jesse’s father. Herr Starr’s first appearance was first teased in the third episode of the first season, “The Possibilities”, as the man in a white suit, who Tulip’s friend Danni gives some information to.

Season 2 of Preacher will also introduce serial killer Reaver Cleaver and Jesse’s family, which includes his Cajun grandmother and her bodyguard.

What or who are you most looking forward to seeing in Preacher’s second season?

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