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Katie Cassidy Returns as DCTV Regular

Katie Cassidy Returns as DCTV Regular

Like Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman, Katie Cassidy has signed a deal that makes her a DCTV regular. This means she will be appearing across all of the The CW’s superhero shows.

But wait a minute? Wasn’t Cassidy killed off during Arrow season four? Yes. Laurel met her demise at the hands of Damien Darkh near the end of season four. Shortly after that, Cassidy appeared as the Earth-2 Dopplegänger Black Siren on The Flash.

With The Flash getting into Flashpoint this coming season and completely altering the timeline, it is entirely possible that Laurel is still alive. There is also potential for her to appear on both Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl as they deal with a different earth. It is unclear what her role will be on Arrow, but it was announced during San Diego Comic Con that she would appear in the season five premier, and the teaser trailer reveals the promise that she made Oliver make, that we did not see during last season.

I am really excited that she is coming back. Laurel had such a journey from season one to season four and has provided a lot of inspiration. It was a shame to lose her last season and I honestly kept thinking that there was some trick and she didn’t die. Then when she came back as Black Siren, I hoped that she would stick around on The Flash. Whatever the plan, I am glad that Cassidy is coming back.

You can watch the teaser trailer for Arrow season five here:


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