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WORLD PREMIERE! Trailer for Season 2B of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

Comic-Con San Diego is in full swing and before AMC releases its season 7 trailer for The Walking Dead they released the trailer for part 2 of Fear The Walking Dead which comes back on tv Sunday August 21st at 9/8c. The trailer looks fantastic, a lot of Nick and how he deals with being alone after leaving his family behind in the midseason finale. I’m a bit upset that I didn’t see Daniel as I think he is one of the strongest characters on the show in terms of just being a badass with an awesome backstory. But I’m hopeful we will see him back soon. Nick runs into a whole lot of trouble but ends up finding people who a part of a community that want to help him, and a doctor who patches him up.

There’s a new character introduced played by Danay Garcia and we don’t know much about her character yet but I’m sure her role will be discussed at a panel later today. Chris being alone with Travis can hopefully ignite his comeback. Being with his father and getting through this apocalypse with just him for the time being can hopefully start him on a new path and create growth so he’s not incredibly mad all the time and blaming Madison for everything that’s gone wrong in his life. However Chris is being just as smug and telling Travis that he can handle everything on his own.

Madison is with Alicia, Strand, and Ofelia. They come across a hotel which they think can be a safe haven for them. The cast are all going on different paths and will meet new people and I have no clue about how they’re going to reunite but I am really excited! But enough, check out the amazing trailer for season 2b of Fear The Walking Dead on AMC below!

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