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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 TRAILER REVEALED

Today at Comic-Con San Diego AMC premiered two trailers for both ‘Walking Dead‘ series and below we get our FIRST look at season 7 of ‘The Walking Dead‘. The trailer starts off with memories of all of the characters who are kneeling before Negan on the season 6 finale. It looks beautiful, and even made me tear a little. One of these characters who we’ve grown with will now be gone and the Glenn and Maggie memories really made me sad, I really hope they’re both still alive.

We also get a look at Dwight and a few interactions he makes, and Carol who is perhaps my favorite character on the show. In one scene of the trailer she looks scared but in another one she looks giddy and says “I don’t know what the hell is going on in the most wonderful way”. We get a look at the intriguing Jesus being a badass and the terrifying Negan. Negan is HAUNTING, everything about him just makes him scary. His size, his demeanor and voice just makes him someone who I DO NOT want to mess with.

The trailer revealed what will be a huge treat for fans of the comic. Ezekiel was finally shown, and so was his roaring tiger Shiva. Hopefully The Kingdom can be a safe haven for everybody and can help get rid of Negan. The trailer looks fantastic but doesn’t show any hints on who’s going to die, or does it? The internet will be set ablaze with people analyzing the trailer for clues and I’m excited to see what others find. And guess what? Enid is out of the closet! Somehow, and finally Enid made her way out. Did somebody let her out? Or did she break the door? Check out the fantastic trailer below for season 7 of The Walking Dead which premieres October 23rd on AMC.

For people not in the US

As an added treat, take a look at Shiva.


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