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Telltale Games Releases ‘Batman: The Telltale Series’ Trailer

Image: Telltale Games

Looks like the next Batman game will be diving into the mind of the man himself.

Telltale Games has released the trailer for Batman:The Telltale Series. The story, developed by The Walking Dead creators, will give players a glimpse inside the continuously corrupt Gotham as Harvey Dent’s campaign kicks off.

The two minute trailers offers a glimpse of the game itself and the characters that will be featured as we hear Alfred’s voice over the scenes, pleading with Bruce to let both sides of the man stay and reminding him that he has show “the true nature of a Wayne.”

Check out the trailer below.

Episode One: The Realm of Shadows will be available for download on August 2 with the season pass disc heading to stores September 13.

Are you looking forward to the new series?

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