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Dylan O’Brien Returns to “Teen Wolf” for Season 6

Image: MTV

Dylan O’Brien Returns to Teen Wolf for Season 6

Entertainment Weekly reports that actor Dylan O’Brien will officially return for season 6 of MTV’s Teen Wolf. This is incredibly exciting news as his return to the show was questionable even before he was badly injured in March while filming the next installment in the Maze Runner series.

Image: MTV
Image: MTV

According to showrunner Jeff Davis, the first half of the season will heavily focus on Stiles and he will somehow be involved with the mystery. Davis says that the plan was always for 6A to be about Stiles, and the actors’ accident did not change that. We will see how much Stiles means to Scott as well as Malia and Lydia.

Tyler Posey weighs in on the upcoming season by saying, “Everyone has a lot of reflecting to do.” Season 5 found the pack pulled apart and our favorite bromance found themselves at odds through most of 5B. They reunited at the end of the season, but it will be interesting to see what happens moving forward as we come to the end of the school year. What will happen to the pack following graduation?

Does a Stiles-heavy start to the season mean that the show is giving O’Brien a deserving send off as he moves into the movie world?

Teen Wolf returns this fall on MTV.

Note: The images were taken before O’Brien’s accident.

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