Rihanna is a Star Trek fan

Rihanna is a Star Trek fan.

Yeah, that’s right – a Star Trek fan.

It appears Paramount came to her with a proposition to perform a song for ‘Star Trek Beyond’ and she jumped at the offer. The song is ‘Sledgehammer’ and the music video visuals are spectacular! Rihanna looks ubergalatic in a re-purposed Tibetan Monk robe and one can’t help wondering if she cut her hair just to stick it up like that in the video. All that doesn’t even matter, because she looks AWESOME and she just validated every Sci-Fi nerd around the globe.

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

Paramount did a featurette with Rihanna promoting the movie, she talks about her early love affair with the series and get this – does the Vulcan Salute, but alas, she also manually pushes the pinky and ring finger together. She claims La Forge as “my guy” and was enthralled in her younger years by what lie behind the visor.

So geek freely my friends, we have Rihanna ‘mic drop’.


Paramount Pictures

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