Matt Damon and Spy Pranks All In the Name of Charity

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good prank? Matt Damon and Omaze put together a hilarious video in an effort to raise money for  The prank, wait I mean mission, has unsuspecting individuals being given a random phone.  They answer the call and hear an ominous voice on the other end with specific instructions.  Who’s on the other end? None other than the super spy, Damon, who channels his Jason Bourne character.  What ensues is pure hilarity.

With spy cameras and actors all in place, confused and hesitant individuals follow Damon’s every instruction.  Damon can barely contain his laughter as he talks into the phone and bombards them with nonsensical orders.  The mission, should they accept, did have its rewards.  The last set of instructions take them to a room where Damon reveals himself and announces that they have won tickets to the Jason Bourne premiere which opens in theaters in July 29. I guess the guy, who dropped the phone and walked away will be sadly disappointed.

Watch the full video below.


Fans can also enter through Omaze to win a trip to Las Vegas.  They’ll get to attend the red carpet premiere of Jason Bourne and grab a drink at the after-party with Damon.

It’s been almost nine years since Damon portrayed the super solider and this time he is reunited with another familiar face, Nicky Parsons, played by Julia Stiles.  I’ll be looking forward to the latest installment which will surely have plenty of fast action combat scenes and twists and turns just like its previous Bourne films.

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