‘The Ring’ VS ‘The Grudge’ In The Most Terrifying Baseball Game Ever


This is the creepiest baseball game we have ever seen! During a promotional stunt for the upcoming film Sadako vs. Kayako, the two title characters (Sadako from The Ring and Kayako from The Grudge) battled it out on the baseball field.

The below clip starts out innocently enough.  Team cheerleaders take the field to help pump up the crowd before the big game begins when, suddenly, the jumbo-tron goes crazy and the reception knocks out.  When the screen of snow finally clears, Sadako is seen standing in the background.  She gradually moves closer and closer to the screen (just like she does in The Ring video) until she finally appears, in person, on the field.  Suddenly, Kayako and other characters are on the field as well as Sadako takes the mound.

The ghoulish gals proceed to participate in the creepiest few minutes of baseball related play we have ever seen.  And, who knew, Kayako had such a great swing!

Check out the video below.  What do you think of this promo stuntCreepy or comical?



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