Fan at Con Causes Chris Evans To Have Anxiety Attack: False



Previous Report: Fan Fest News did report this story based on false sources and we apologize.

Chris Evans, along with some other actors from Marvel were at Wizard World Philly this weekend, and everything was going well until what seemed to be an entitled fan tried to kiss him and got rejected, which proceeded to Evans having an anxiety attack.

At cons, please respect our idols. Let’s treat them with every ounce of respect we have and realize that they are there to make us happy, they’re there to make our day and give us something to speak about forever. Let’s all love, and respect our Captain America, one of the most amazing humans inside and out. Let’s appreciate Chris Evans below, and Chris, on behalf of everyone struggling with anxiety you are such a real life superhero, and you inspire us to keep trying. Thanks Chris.



Photos: Tumblr

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