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‘LOST’ Star Jorge Garcia Revisits Series Filming Sites

This past Monday, May 23rd, marked the six year anniversary of the LOST series finale however, just yesterday, Jorge Garcia who played Hugo “Hurley” Reyes on the show, went back to the Island where it all began (and middled).

The nostalgia started when Garcia posted a LOST-centric “Throwback Thursday” picture to his Instagram last week.  The photo shows Garcia with Daniel Dae Kim (who played Jin) on their first day of filming their fishing scenes.  Daniel Dae Kim even commented on Garcia’s posting also recalling the fond memories.


Just yesterday, Garcia, once again, took to Instagram to give us heaping dose of LOST awesomeness.  He posted the following video of his “old work” and, six years later, seemed to have no difficulties remembering exactly how the set was laid out, until he realized he was missing a few people (Ummm…. Jorge, how could you forget Jack?!).

Went to visit my old work. #Lost

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Garcia also posted some beautiful panoramic shots of the beaches where the beginning and middle of the show took place.

Mokuleia beach where it all began. #Lost

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Police Beach where it all… Middled? #Lost

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We wonder how the “the others” are doing and if the polar bear cages are still there!

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