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Grant Gustin Talks Emotional Season 2 Finale

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Grant Gustin Talks Emotional Season 2 Finale

During The CW Upfronts this past Thursday, Grant Gustin addressed Barry’s state going into the season 2 finale of The Flash. The episode will pick up exactly where the previous left off with Zoom having just killed Henry. According to Gustin, we will see Barry at his most vulnerable and in the darkest place he has ever been.

Barry has lost a lot of people close to him in the past year. He went back in time to save his mom, but ended up watching her die for the second time, and then lost both Eddie and Ronnie. When he traveled to Earth-2, he witnessed the death of Joe, Ronnie, and Cisco. Though they were all the Earth-2 doppelgängers, that will still do some damage emotionally. Laurel was also killed, and though she did not have a lot of screen time with Barry, he is still probably shaken by her death. And now, he was forced to watch in horror as Zoom took away his father. Just when everything looked like it was going to be okay, Barry’s life is completely turned upside down.

Gustin talks about how Barry is normally an incredibly optimistic character and despite his past, he continues to move forward. This will become harder for him going into season 3. According to Gustin, “Barry makes a decision at the end of this season that obviously he’ll be vulnerable going into season 3, but, I think because of some stuff that goes down, the timeline will also be vulnerable going into season 3.”

The season finale of The Flash airs Tuesday, May 24, 2016 on The CW.

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