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Survivor 32: Kaoh Rong Finale Preview

Tonight is the end of Survivor 32: Kaoh Rong and I’m SUPER happy to say that everyone left has a shot of winning. This season was taped before Survivor 31: Second Chance and the cast will all be back after a very long wait for the reunion after the show where the winner will be revealed after having to wait a year and watching someone else who played after them win. This has been one of my favorite seasons yet with Tai playing one of the weirdest yet heartwarming games I’ve ever seen. Aubry has also played an extremely strong game, not as flashy but if she makes the final tribal council along with Tai I have no idea who’d win because she has one of the best social games I’ve ever seen.

Why Tai Should Win

He’s managed to convince everyone in the game that he should stay every week, now I know he’s had advantages all season but he could have been blindsided. He’s extremely good at challenges, was part of 4 team immunity wins and 1 single immunity win. If he hasn’t won immunity, he’s been extremely close. But aside from challenges, Tai has managed to enter and exit alliances whenever he wants, without facing repercussions. Sometimes he’s said the wrong things, like almost revealing the super idol.         How many times have you seen someone really push for someone to get voted off, have his tribe go against him completely but still not be on the outs. However, he can be on the outs with several people he betrayed that are on the jury.

Why Aubry Should Win

Aubry is a fierce competitor, and despite not winning any individual immunity challenges she always gives it 100% and has come close. When it comes to Aubry, the best thing about how she played is her social game. She hasn’t made any enemies on the jury, in fact many of the people on the jury really care for her (Debbie, Joe). She is really quick to evaluate her situation, and she’s been in tough situations MANY times throughout the game with Neal and Joe being medically evacuated. She’s been a huge factor in some of the biggest moves this season like voting out Debbie and getting Tai to leave Scot and Jason. If she makes the final tribal council it will be a tough decision for the jury.

Why Cydney Should Win

Many are counting Cydney out but I think she played a great game. She came from the dysfunctional brawn tribe that basically forgot she existed when the merge happened and managed to make relationships with people from every single tribe. I remember her name being mentioned in most episodes when it came to who was going to get voted out but she still managed to convince people otherwise. She was also really good at challenges but only winning one individual immunity. (Nobody won two, what a competitive season!) She’s never been afraid to say what’s on her mind and has never been afraid to consider making big moves. She is playing great strategically, but also doing well at challenges and can have a bunch of jury votes coming her way.

Why Michele Should Win

Michele has done an amazing job to stay under the radar and not be seen as a threat by anyone (until Tai tries to convince everyone to vote her out). She’s proved extremely loyal to her alliance, even voting out her best friend (to this day) to further her in the game. She’s also done pretty good at challenges, winning an individual immunity. Something about game that’s unique is that most, if not everyone has come to her at one point or another asking if she wanted to work with them. (Even Tai tried after strongly pushing to get rid of her). If she makes final tribal council I can see her letting the jury how loyal she was to everyone and how it helped her stay in the game.


I think this could end up being the most exciting finale in a long time because of how good some of these contestants played the game. I’m a big fan of Tai’s and while I do want him to win, for the sake of the show I want both him and Aubry to make the final tribal council so the jury votes can be scattered all over the place. If Tai, Aubry and Cydney make final tribal together I can see all three getting votes.

My Prediction : I think that if Tai makes final tribal without Aubry he wins, if Aubry goes she wins regardless of who’s with her.

Who’s been your favorite? Who do you think is going to win? This is definitely going to be one to remember.


Photo: CBS

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