A New Look At The Walking Dead Attraction at Universal

It’s almost Independence Day! And while many people will be busy tailgating and shooting fireworks I’ll be walking with zombies because that’s when the new The Walking Dead attraction opens at Universal Studios Hollywood. Until now we haven’t really had anything to look at but they just revealed a poster for the attraction.

Greg Nicotero spoke to Yahoo and had this to say about the attraction.

“After six years of working on the show, we have a great opportunity to take The Walking Dead out of the studio, off the soundstage, and put it into the attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood where guests can come face-to-face with the walking dead,”

“For me something that’s very exciting is to be able to make the attraction as 100 percent authentic as possible. We’re getting a chance to do animatronic characters that we’ve never done before. We’re getting a chance to utilize molds that were created specifically for the show and translate them into parts of the attraction. It’s one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art… and I can’t wait.”





Check out Greg Nicotero’s full interview with Yahoo about the ride here


Photo and Info Credit: Yahoo

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