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Robert Kirkman has an ending for ‘The Walking Dead’ Planned Out

Image: AMC

Yesterday, Robert Kirkman hosted a Reddit AMA yesterday, promoting the release of his upcoming series ‘Outcast’. While news of this upcoming series is nothing short of exciting, to no surprise,most of the questions that Kirman were asked centered on The Walking Dead.

One user, by the user name of Acdc11000, asked Kirkman:

“Do you have an end for [The Walking Dead] already planned out in your head?”

Kirkman was quite quick precise in his reply:

“Yes, but y’know… It’s not happening for a long, LOOOOOONG time.”

It is has been a popular fan theory that either Carl or Daryl  take the torch from Rick and begin leading the new world. However, at this current moment, that is just speculation.

The comic books are also quite a ways away from the TV series, so whether you only watch the TV show or the comics (or for those of us who watch both), we will be waiting quite a while for the ending.

Robert Kirkman also teased Rick’s death when asking if the character would ever die, saying “eventually.” 

How do you think The Walking Dead will end?

Check out the trailer for Outcast below:


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