Amy Schumer and Bad Fan Encounters


There are so many different things you can be a fan of whether it is a sports team or a superhero, as we all know its pretty easy to get invested in our fandoms. Actress Amy Schumer had a bad fan encounter this weekend, a man with his family came up and even though she repeatedly asked him to stop filming he would not. In an instagram post Schemer made this weekend she stated that she would no longer be taking pictures with fans, that the man she also snapped a photo of had ruined it for everyone. As this is the internet she received lots of hate for punishing all her fans for one person’s terrible actions. On the flip side she had lots of support and fans were understanding of her choice, to be told that she is the public’s property because she is on our TV’s would leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

Most celebrities have bad fan encounters, some are straight horror stories. It
brings up a bigger discussion about fan etiquette, even though these people are in our favorite movies and shows they are still people. I full heartily believe that 99% of people know and understand that, but there are the 1% who will interrupt a family dinner or follow someone out for a run. Lots of celebrities attend fan conventions like Heroes & Villains and Walker Stalker where celebrities are more than happy to dedicate entire weekends just to meeting fans and taking pictures. Some of them can be expensive, but as a recent new comer to the convention scene I saved up and went on an adventure it made meeting my favorite heroes all the more special! I hope that the media storm Amy has created with this will make people stop and think about the way people treat celebrities.


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