Lauren Cohan Responds to ‘The Walking Dead’s Leaked Audio


An audio tape was leaked on April 1st, in which we could hear screams while Negan was conducting his murder of the unknown victim. If you do not want to possibly be spoiled, read no further please! Some people claimed to hear Maggie yelling Glenn’s
name during the clip, and many media outlets have asked cast members to comment on it. The Huffington Post (you can hear the audio there as well) talked with Lauren Cohan last week and asked about the audio.

Her response was that any outcome was possible, and that the actors weren’t present for the cut when Negan swung the bat. “Here’s a good piece of intel, we shot the scene, and then individually went into a [sound] booth privately to record audio, so I don’t know. Nobody knows what anybody else said.”

Norman Reedus and Tyler James Williams both recently said publicly that they know who it is, so it seems that the rest of the cast was either instructed to say they don’t know, or they truly don’t know.

What do you think of this mystery?


  1. IMO this ongoing
    discussion and
    theorizing robs the character death of any
    emotional impact. At
    this point we’re all so convinced that it’s Glenn or
    Daryl or Aaron or ______
    six months from now, when it’s revealed, our reaction will just be “OK, I

    guess that theory was correct.”

    • I agree, and
      that’s a major reason a lot
      of people don’t like this
      cliffhanger. All of us
      were coming back next season regardless who was
      killed, so there was no need for
      big gimmick. Now you’ve got everybody speculating what happened so instead of

      the season leaving us with
      that emotional impact to deal with for a few months,
      it will be just as you
      said – “Oh, guess I was right all
      along” and then on into
      the next season.


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