‘Deadpool’ Nominated For MTV Movie Awards

For Deadpool, and the fans, this is amazing news! To celerate that, Ryan Reynolds has posted an Instagram picture, that shows just how happy he is. Well, in the very Deadpool way to do things.

I bet it feels huge in this hand.

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I feel there is a hidden political statement in there and that he is mocking one specific person, that we will not name. But, we love it. It’s funny and it’s kinda true. Beside the Best Movie, he is also nominaties for Best Male Performance, Best Kiss, Best Fight, and Best commedic Performance. All, which I think, they will easily win!

Lets not forget that the ongoing marketing for this is still at his best. The comment that Ryan Reynolds has posted with the picture, is completely in the name of Wade Wilson. It’s just too bad they didn’t get nominated for Best Hero. But I think we may expect an apparente of the merc with a mouth, on the MTV Movie Awards when it airs tomorrow on April 10.

Deadpool is still out in theatres, have you seen it?

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