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Flash Crossover Lifts ‘Supergirl’ To High Ratings


Fans may be sharply divided over their feelings for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (and taking social media by storm), but in case anyone forgot – there was another crossover in the works. Greg Berlanti, the overlord of the DC Television Universe, brought The Flash across parallel universes to Supergirl and took a legion of viewers along with him.

Monday’s latest episode, aptly titled World’s Finest (a little nod to when Batman first met Superman), saw the CBS freshman series with its highest ratings in two months. The crossover event pulled in 7.2 million live viewers according to Variety (by way of Nielsen). That rating shows an uptick of 31% from the previous two Supergirl episodes and only lost out against The Voice on NBC. The numbers are also very respectable for The Flash, which recently netted 3 million live viewers for last week’s episode. There’s no doubt the numbers will climb a bit higher once DVR views are factored in with the Plus 7 figures from Nielsen at week’s end.

(Oh, and if you didn’t catch it – make it a point. The episode was a stand-out for both shows and highlighted the type of fun both The Flash and Supergirl can have with fans, with heroics and humor and plot.)

Supergirl is currently playing out its first season Monday nights on CBS and has yet to be renewed for a second season. Given the benefits of having a crossover with other DC characters from The CW (as Warner Brothers produces shows for both networks), it’s a matter of time before Les Moonves
renews Supergirl for a second season. The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW and has already been green lit for a third season.

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