Arrow ‘Broken Hearts’ Preview


For my fellow fans of the
character of ‘Cupid’, you’re in for a
real treat. We last saw cupid in
Season 3’s episode titled
Tendencies’, and she was heartbroken when Deadshot was killed on
a mission with
the suicide

Now, she’s returned hell-bent to destroy anyone in


We know from last week’s
episode ‘Taken’ that our favorite pair,
Oliver and Felicity, are currently
‘off’. This will definitely
make things
very interesting, especially since Oliver and Felicity are going
to be posing as
bait for
Cupid. I am rather curious to see how the team will respond when they
the truth of the current state of
Oliver and Felicity’s

Also, Damien Darhk seems to be
in just a taaad bit of

trouble. Not only is he imprisoned, but it seems as though Malcolm plans to
over Darhk’s plan for
Star City. The tables have certainly turned and I look
forward to seeing
where this plot line is going to
take us.

Team Arrow
appears to be back in action, kicking butt and
taking names. Who are they

fighting? Not entirely sure… but I’m hoping it’s another piece to this

mysterious puzzle on what this
‘Genesis’ project is!

‘Broken Hearts’
will air on Wednesday,
March 23rd at 8PM/EST on The

Side Note: I LOVE
Felicity’s ‘wedding’ dress!


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