Leonard’s Father has Finally been Cast!

After nine seasons, we finally get a glimpse at Leonard’s father. The Big Bang Theory has cast Judd Hirsch (Independence Day) as the other half of the Hoftstadter parents.

Leonard’s father is an anthropologist and he cheated on Beverly, Leonard’s mother, with a waitress from the Princeton Cafeteria, prompting them to get a divorce. He has been absent throughout the show. Is it possible that he showed less affection for Leonard
than Beverly?

Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard, opened up about his role in casting Hirsch.

“I met this fellow a month or two ago and he’s a hero of mine and I knew that he was a hero of Chuck [Lorre] and Bill [Prady’s], so I just accosted him and cornered him and practically made him commit on the spot to play my father. I’m really excited about it. It’s going
to be a lot of fun.” – Galecki at PaleyFest.

The Big Bang Theory has introduced many family members over the nine seasons and producer Steve Molaro has said that the show is open to introducing more!

Which family member do you hope to see on the show next?

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