‘Star Wars’: News of the Day!


Billie Lourd appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as junior controller Kaydel Ko Connix. She was easily spotted with her hair up in buns just like her mom, Carrie Fisher, in the original Star Wars from 1977. At Paleyfest this weekend, she said she will appear in Episode VIII. “I’m working on Star Wars VIII, but that’s all I can say,” she said.

This is very exciting news! Especially when she was asked in Slash Film if she would have a bigger role she replied with a, “Oh yeah, yeah,” but she couldn’t tell if that meant more scenes with her mom. John Boyega is stealing many hearts! A day ago he went to the children’s hospital dressed as Finn. This is so cute! You need to see the smiles on those children their faces!

With the DVD/Blu-Ray release, there will be a special documentary released which will take you behind the scenes. Yesterday a trailer got released through Good Morning America. Star Wars: Secrets of the Force Awakens will be put on the DVD/Blu-Ray release. Which will come out on April 5. If you can’t wait to see the movie again, you can buy it in digital HD on April 1!


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