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Andrew Lincoln Talks His Favorite ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Kill

Entertainment Weekly asked Andrew Lincoln about his favorite walker kill he’s done thus far on the show. His answer? His first.

“I think it’s always your first, I mean, it would have to be the girl with the teddy bear. Funny enough. I’ve just seen an image of that teddy in a package, and Iwent, ‘Is that the teddy from the girl that I shot at the gas station?’ And they went, ‘yep.’ I think it was that.”

Aside from his first, he also discusses the “bicycle girl” scene.

“I think the other one in that pilot episode when I put down the bicycle girl was probably theprofound one because it’s when I understood what we were trying to do — is see the human behind the beast. And find some humanity, or lost humanity, in the monster.”

Andy discusses more here.

What is your favorite Rick zombie kill?

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