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‘Bates Motel’ Preview: ‘Goodnight Mother’


If previews are anything to go by, the Bates house and motel are going to be a battlefield this season. The world is closing in on Norma and her world, unfortunately, is Norman. Mr. and Mrs. Bates will be going head-to-head in a battle that’s sure to make us ponder the true meaning of what it means to be good in this world.

In the preview for the episode, we see flashes of Norman’s increasingly violent behavior and glimpses of Norma’s panic as she tries to navigate these new, murky waters. Gone are the days when these two strange lovebirds would sit by the piano and serenade each other with ‘Mr. Sandman’.

It also looks like Normero is finally going to happen. How will Norma deliver the news to Norman? Perhaps it’s better to ask whether Norman will take it in stride. My guess is that he won’t.

Showrunner Kerry Ehrin said in a recent interview that Norman has gone full psycho, so brace yourselves for his darker side this season.  

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Tara Martinez
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