Negan’s Entrance: A Doubletake?

Photo: AMC

As fans of The Walking Dead comics know, Negan has a way with words… The “F”word that is.

Dean Jefferey Morgan (Watchmen, The Good Wife) is confirmed to debut Negan at the season six finale. But will he be as profane as he is in the comics?

The Walking Dead is filming two versions of the finale to accommodate for Negan’s potty mouth.

The Negan we are all expecting, “full- octane” Negan, will probably show up on Netflix or DVD, not regular television. Kind of like what happened at the end of season 4.

Rick tells the group “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” But when the DVD/ Blu-ray came out, “screwing” was substituted with the much less TV-friendly word, “f-ing”.

AMC did, however, just air the much less TV- friendly word “mothaf-er” during the show The People vs. O.J. Simpson, so we’ll see what they
do with Negan.

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