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‘Teen Wolf’ Preview ‘The Beast of Beacon Hills’

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Teen Wolf Preview ‘The Beast of Beacon Hills’

Mason is the Beast, and he is gone.


Previously, Cory showed up right after Scott and Liam discovered that Mason is the Beast and took him away. It is yet unknown if he will take him to Theo or was just trying to protect him. I don’t think he would turn Mason over to Theo because he probably knows what Theo is planning and would not subject someone he cares about to that. What he should have done was stick with Scott and Liam because they will do everything in their power to protect their friend. In the promo, Cory comes to Scott and says that the Dread Doctors have taken Mason. Great.

I love that the show decided to make Mason the one because it adds so much more intensity to the story. If it had been an unknown, there wouldn’t be as much panic. Now, the stakes have been raised for the final two episodes, and there is a lot that needs to be done. Theo, the Dread Doctors, and the Beast all have to be subdued.

Good luck, Team Wolf.

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