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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer: No Safe Harbor

‘Fear the Walking Dead’
Season 2 Trailer: No Safe


The second season of
Fear the Walking Dead

is just around the corner, and AMC gave us a quick glimpse this past
weekend. We
knew that this small
group of survivors that we followed through season 1 would
end up on a
yacht, but a lingering question was,
how will they be interacting
with other people if they are isolated on a

Also, how can the show

keep them fighting the undead unless one of them gets hurt and dies? Both
questions seem to be
answered with just brief flash of a frame in the trailer
below. Take a




Even though
the show seemed to be received with a luke warm
welcome, I am quite excited
for the second season. I am
looking forward to
getting a better understanding of these people and also
how they will begin to
and morph into the type of survivors they need to be in order to keep
Will you be tuning in to


Fear the
Walking Dead
with season 2 on Sunday, April 10
at 9/8C on AMC.

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