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20 Times ‘The Grinch’ Was the Most Relatable Movie of Our Time

Published on December 21st, 2017 | Updated on December 21st, 2017 | By FanFest

1. When a friend invites you to dinner and you’re trying to think of a valid excuse:

2. When you’re perusing the fridge even though you’ve already had dinner, dessert, and a snack:

3. When you get invited to any event:

4. So, you head to the mall for a new outfit, but everything ends up looking ridiculous:

5. And you accept defeat:

6. When you hate to admit you like the new Taylor Swift song:

7. When you start your three-day Stranger Things Netflix binge:

8. When you finish your three-day Stranger Things Netflix binge:

9. When December 31st rolls around and losing weight is your New Years resolution again:

10. When you’re in the car with your friend who is a terrible driver:

11. When you’re sleuthing on your crush’s Instagram and accidentally like a photo from three years ago:

12. When the two friends that you introduced become close and you start feeling a little bit sensitive:

13. When you look at the RSVP list for your ten-year high school reunion:

14. When you text someone and they start calling you instead of texting back:

15. When your BFF asks if her outfit looks okay:

16. Walking out of the final exam for the class you skipped all semester:

17. When no one laughs at your hilarious joke so you have to you:

18. When your mom tries to wake you up from a nap:

19. When you see your ex out while you’re home for the holidays:

20. When someone tells you Halloween is too early for Christmas music:

Merry Christmas, Grinches!


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