The Walking Dead: This 1994 Commercial Starring Melissa McBride Will Give You (and Your Hair) New Life

‘Gather round Walking Dead fans because we’ve got a real treat for you that’s way better than a fresh batch of cookies.

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We all know and love Melissa McBride, right? She’s basically a real-life angel sent from above to be a total sweetheart and, tbh, we are not worthy of her elegant soul. 

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She also plays Carol on The Walking Dead aka the most badass and ruthless character on the series who has also had some of the best character development on television. 

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Well, The Walking Dead’s official Twitter account recently shared a commercial from 1994 starring McBride and it is nothing short of iconic. To quote the Tony-award winning show Wicked – I have been changed for good.

It’s Carol Peletier like you’ve never seen her before and is so great that we have to break it down for you. Let’s go!

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The commercial kicks off with McBride donning some luscious curls declaring that she’s always looking for a new look.

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Yes, we actually did know this.

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So, what did she do for her new ‘do? It’s probably the biggest mystery since Rick was on the hunt for who killed Karen and David.

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She then talks about how she got a Nexxus perm at her salon as we are treated to this delightful closeup. 

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Truthfully, after seeing this commercial, I would 100% have gotten a perm in 1994…if I hadn’t been three. 

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Long story short, don’t look at the flowers – go get a perm that smells like them instead!

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The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 10th at 9/8c!

You can watch the whole commerical below.