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13 Things Thanos Could Collect Instead of Infinity Stones

Published on April 14th, 2018 | Updated on April 18th, 2018 | By FanFest

Okay, so we aren’t really massive fans of the whole ‘Thanos is coming to end everyone we love thing’. We can’t imagine many other MCU fans are either. Yes, Infinity War has to happen and we knew it was coming. Still, that doesn’t mean we’re dealing with it well.

So as our countdown to Infinity War continues, we decided to come up with 13 things Thanos could collect instead of Infinity Stones.

13. Paintings

Why not spruce up his living place with some nice art?

12. Cars

Instead of world domination, why not dedicate his time to collecting and restoring old cars?

11. Snowglobes

Do we need to explain this one? Everyone loves snowglobes.

10. Rocks

He could even paint them. Art therapy type stuff.

9. License Plates

He can take a road trip, keep one from every state. By the time he goes to all of them he might be calmer.

8. Trolls

They’re cute, they have funky hair, and they have little gems inside which is SORT OF like collecting infinity stones. Right?

7. Funko Pops

Once again, everyone loves a good Funko Pop

6. Stamps

They have Christmas ones and location ones and character themed ones. He could even get a cute little journal to put them in.

5. Postcards

He could totally take a trip around the world (after he takes the road trip across the US) and keep some postcards to mark his journey.

4. Coke Bottles (with names on them)

We love digging around to find the Coke bottles with our names on them, and the names of our friends and family. He could even order some online because we imagine Thanos would be hard to find.

3. Pokemon Cards

It might keep him busy, plus he could try to find the rare ones.

2. Rubber Duckies

Maybe all Thanos needs is to treat himself and take a day off. Nice relaxing bubble bath with some rubber duckies and bubbles?

1. Beanie Babies

Okay, so you can’t go wrong collecting beanie babies. He could scour eBay for some of the best and most expensive ones. They’re not exactly stones but they’re worth a lot.

Unfortunately, we know Thanos is coming for those Infinity Stones and the wait is almost over. Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.


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