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13 Reasons Why Could have been an Anthology Series

Published on May 16th, 2017 | Updated on May 15th, 2017 | By FanFest

When fans of 13 Reasons Why began asking for a second season on social media platforms, they had an idea as to how they wanted it to play out. They wanted to see more of Hannah’s story, maybe her story told from the point of view of the people she left behind. They wanted to know what happens to Alex, does Justin have to face the consequences of his actions and what happens with Jessica coming to terms with her assault? On top of that, is there a character who could be planning a school shooting? There were so many unanswered questions, and they wanted to know what happened.

Fans got their wish, and season two has been confirmed, but Entertainment Weekly confirmed today that the series could have been an anthology series. At one point, the team was thinking that if season two came around, they would start with an entirely new ’13 reasons why’.

“When we sold the show, there were two ways we thought the show could continue. One way was continuing to follow these characters who really have been through tremendous trauma, all of them in some part coping with the trauma of Hannah’s death and the aftermath, but when we originally pitched it, there was another version, which was an anthology version where, in sort of True Detective mode, every year you start with a new 13 reasons.

In theory, that wouldn’t be a terrible idea, but it would take away from the bonds already formed between viewers and the characters and it would leave a lot of holes in the story. We want to know what happens to these characters, in their own words, and how Hannah’s death caused issues in their own lives to become less significant or to become the most significant.

When someone takes their own life, their friends and family begin looking for ‘the signs’ or things they may have missed. They also begin to focus on all of the things they wish they’d said when they had a chance. Much like we saw with Clay, it’s a very painful experience. We’d like to see what happens next for Clay especially, and Tony – two characters who carry the most guilt about Hannah’s death. Alongside the above mentioned, we’re extremely curious to see what happens with those two.

Are you glad 13 Reasons Why is coming back with a second season focusing on the same characters rather than an entirely new group? What character are you most looking forward to finding out more about?

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