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12 Days of TWD: 7 of our favorite red carpet photos

Published on December 19th, 2016 | Updated on December 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

In addition to being absolutely incredible actors and actresses, the cast of The Walking Dead just so happen to be some of the most stunning people in the entertainment industry. While anyone can clean up nicely; the beauty of the cast of The Walking Dead is deeper than just how appealing they are to the eye. They’re a family, they truly love what they do, and they enjoy what comes along with being one of the biggest things in pop culture today.

Some celebrities tire of the press, the red carpet, the extravagant fans; and that’s to be expected. Being famous is like constantly living your life under a microscope and even the most well put together and seemingly happiest people enjoy a day (or several) to just feel like they don’t owe a thing to anyone. The members of TWD, even though they’ve got to get tired, never let it show. From red carpets to fan meet and greets – they’re always on.

When you look up red carpet photos from the cast of The Walking Dead, it’s hard to look at the hundreds of photos and narrow it down; but we wanted to put together 7 of our favorite red carpet moments for our Walking Dead Christmas special.

This Photo of Michael and Josh. 

Seriously, how stunning do these three look?

Some of the most fierce ladies on television.

We are all Jeffrey Dean Morgan here.

We are also all Andrew.

They look stunning; there are no other words.

Anyone else already miss seeing Steven on the red carpet with the cast?

We think you’d be hard pressed to find another cast that looks this awesome and this fun on the red carpet which is just one more reason we all adore them so much.

What has been your favorite red carpet look from the cast of The Walking Dead? Let us know!


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